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“When reality fails to write the perfect ending, your imagination can take you there.” 
A Cosmic Chance


What makes your stories special?”

1) Self-Empowerment – Inspiring independence is so important. A lot of my greatest successes have resulted from the toughest of solo missions. So I believe it’s good to have a goal and reach for the stars, no matter what anybody else tells you.

2) Exploration – Be it abroad or local (or, even somewhere in time…) putting yourself out there is what begins new chapters in your life, and I like to show how much things can change when you say yes to opportunities that come knocking.

And 3) Love – Whether romantic, platonic or altruistic, I feel it’s important to embody love into every part of my fictional works. Love isn’t always between a couple. It’s also in the kindness of our everyday actions, and the value of that is something that should be explored by us all.”

In February 2018, Sacha’s heartwarming debut novel, Picture-Perfect, was finally released. Click the cover and freely browse the first 5 chapters. But first, see what it’s all about…

Front coverLayla Griffiths has had enough.

She’s had enough of her ordinary stressful job, of her not-so-ordinary jaded romance with Tony Granger, and the rather extraordinarily dire relationship with his interfering family. She finds her only escape from it all through the bubble of her fantasy-filled bookshelf and with the glide of a paintbrush in her hand. What Layla doesn’t know is that her ordinary life is about to be turned upside down, and only she can choose how to fill in what’s been erased.

So, with a splash of hope, a scattering of chance and a palette-full of risk, she paints herself a whole new world. However, it is fate that brings the biggest burst of colour, by blending together an unexpected friendship between Layla and her favourite novelist, Benjamin Turner.

But her new life doesn’t come without its consequences, and it is these serendipitous changes that will make or break it all…

Layla never has been able to find what she’s been looking for, until now – but is she too late?

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This is Layla’s remarkable story of courage, inspiration and love.

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Take a sneak peek at Sacha’s stories in the making!

A Cosmic Chance Released September 2021 See the source image

when_the_stars_align_by_papercharm-d82n5c9Love is the last thing on cynical rocker, Simone Hartley’s, mind. She’s too busy ticking off her bucket list to care about finding a “nice guy”. Adding to her frustrations is her chaotic family, who always places her in the middle of their dramas and constantly reminds her to settle down. But Simone digs her heels in – point-blank refusing to look for love until she’s done achieving her goals. 

In the beginning, this was easy. Nobody who approached her was even remotely tempting, and she was happy enough to live out the daydream of a perfect partner within the unfinished pages of her notebook. But all of that was about to be challenged. When a psychic reading foretells fateful catalysts in her destiny – one of a fortuitous meeting and the other of an inescapable tragedy.

Life isn’t random. Her future is set. But with this knowledge now in Simone’s hands, will she be able to realign what fate has seemingly written in her stars?

Only time will tell…


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My Vintage Boyfriend See the source image

Dating in the millennial age is doing Jenna Payton’s head in. All she wants to do is to meet Mr Right, yet all she seems to find herself doing is forever swiping left – they’re just not what she’s looking for. Modern-day men, in her eyes, are nothing but a disappointment. And despite her friends’ eagerness to set her up on blind dates and install every phone-clogging dating app under the sun, down-in-the-dumps journalist, Jenna, has all but given up hope.

“Time waits for no man,” she proclaims, scared of the prospect that she is destined to grow old alone.

However, “time” – the one thing she fears she’s running out of – is about to lend her a helping hand…

Parallel-Portraits (Picture-Perfect 2) See the source image

Welcome back, Layla Griffiths. The delightfully dreamy painter who finally found love with fantasy writer, Benjamin Turner. After such a long journey, you’d think everything would be, well, ‘picture-perfect’ – right? But this is Layla we’re talking about. And her unpredictable voyage is far from over. In fact, it’s about to begin all over again…

A Place in Time See the source image

Clara’s love life has always been complicated, but ever since she met keen psychologist, Henry Baker, everything sort of fell into place. But Clara’s world is also bound by many different things. With her little job at the Yorkshire tea rooms taking her by day, then preparing for the biggest musical event of the year with her local jazz club by night, having to balance a romantic life on top is proving tough, especially when she has to keep it all a secret from Henry. 

But that is the risk you take when you fall in love with a man from another world, or in Clara’s case, another place in time…


The Beat of Doldrum Street  City streets sing their daily tune, the same ones I hear every afternoon…

Poem for LouisI’m writing this now in case I regret, living with the memories I later forget…

I’ll Never be Sexy – I’ll never be sexy. Wearing next to nothing gets too chilly. Pouting for the camera looks silly and God didn’t bless me with boobies…

War Zone – From the barrel of the gun, your ammo rests. Fully loaded. Hand gripped tightly to its chest. Sweaty palms nestle the chamber. Emotions unsteady, but your fingers don’t waver…

How to be Free – Today, I escaped reality…

Pages of My Heart – If my soul was worn like skin; laid bare in ivory – would you look?…

A Poem for the Creative – The tear emerged shyly, hesitantly cascading her lid before it soared down her soft cheek. It trailed, a journey steep and perilous, before it trembled her lips to which she’d speak…

Swallowed by the Ocean of Emotion – How can this be felt when you won’t expose your heart? Your humour works as a shield of armour. The eyes that penetrate something deeply, but within a blink, they transform from waves to drops…