Swallowed by the Ocean of Emotion

How can this be felt when you won’t expose your heart?
Your humour works as a shield of armour.
The eyes that penetrate so deeply, but within a blink, they transform from waves to drops.
A simple touch could transcend my entire being, but you change the destination from its ethereal realm just so you remain neutral again.

One laugh, smile, relief. You stop it to erase it from meaning. Why?
The soul of the broken is a hard one to understand. Can I see what is buried beneath the emotional debris? Or, am I blind to witness that its pure decimation? All because I want to believe there’s hidden beauty.
You shout, you cry, you break. Your silence speaks volumes. Do you need a friend to mend what the past has torn asunder? Or is my patience hopeless?
Once upon a time, we did not exist. Life was not simple, but with this new state of mind I cannot help but wonder if I should escape. There are predicates of perfection, but also overwhelming pain. My own canvas is not clean. Are you scared, like me?
But I cannot run from this; an innate strength telling me to hang on. Will you ever see to follow, to trust?
Fear leaves you refrained, but the hope for glory is your reprieve. And sometimes you give and sometimes you take.
Will you risk this double-edged sword with me? Or, am I alone on this ship?

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