Debut Novel, “Picture-Perfect”

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Secret artist, Layla Griffiths, has had enough.

She’s had enough of her stressful job, her jaded romance with Tony Granger and the somewhat tense relationship with his interfering family. She finds her only solace from it all in the pages of fantasy novels and in the brushstrokes of a painting. But Layla doesn’t yet know that her ordinary life is about to be swiftly upended, and only she can choose how to fill in what’s been erased.

So, with a splash of hope, a scattering of chance and a palette full of risk, she decides to sketch herself a whole new world.

Unbelievably, everything starts to change and she can’t believe her luck. Especially in her illustrious new role, working with Benjamin Turner, one of her favourite mystical writers, on the art for his latest book. As promising as it all seems, though, this new world doesn’t come without its emotional consequences and it’s these serendipitous events that will make or break it all.

Layla has never been able to find what she’s been looking for, until now…

This is her remarkable story. One of courage, inspiration and love.  

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Can I Try it First?

Of course! Read the first 4 chapters for free and experience the emotion first hand. Or, if you’d prefer to watch a video, then head to YouTube and see the story in trailers. 

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A Message From the Author

“Since I sadly can’t say it to each and every one of you but wish I could – thank you!! Your support means the absolute world to me and I truly hope that this book will be something you not only enjoy reading, but also motivates you to always hold onto your life’s passions. Because it is those little passions that will help you find your ultimate purpose.”

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Couldn’t have said it better myself, Rich. Happy reading, everyone 🙂 

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