Writer’s Tips & Tricks

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As listed in this short video, here’s a summary of 5 Top Tips that’ll boost your mojo on writing that story you’ve been dying to tell!

20181027_0107441) Routine Yourself Get organised, find somewhere peaceful and get cracking!
2) Research Your Genre Read like a maniac! Research is key to success. Find your niche!
3) Structure the Story Map out your book bit by bit, from beginning to end. Set achievable targets
4) Gather Inspiration No one likes a flat read. Only write when you’re inspired to. No pressure.
5) Live Life to the Max A good book is measured by the level of enthusiasm in the telling. If it doesn’t sound believable, it probably hasn’t been experienced enough. So, get out there!

“Every writer needs to start their day with a cup of something green…”

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In my next vlog, the focus is on 5 do’s and don’ts in writing. For some reason, YouTube is a doughnut and has only just allowed me to edit out my rambles. After a week of waiting for it to get its arse in gear, my thumbs are now mere stumps from all the impatient twiddling! Anyway! You can either read through my points briefly outlined below or watch me talk for 14 minutes – the choice is yours…

1) DO Set the scene. People like detailed imagery. But DON’T describe every inch unless the point adds value to the story

2) DO Focus on the mood of the chapter but DON’T get too artsy. Big words are great, but only if purposeful. No one wants to get lost in flamboyant jargon and miss the meaning.

3) DO Make it punchy! Start with a bang and get your reader hooked from the very first word, but DON’T use naff adjectives – i.e. nice *shudders*

4) DO Explore the characters but DON’T start every sentence with “I went” or “She did”, “He said” etc. It’s boring! No one needs a Tinder bio or a dull daily run-through.

5) DO Have a beginning, middle and end to each chapter but DON’T write for the sake of writing – ever!

“Don’t judge me because I have a straw! It is yellow. I want radiant skin, not yellow teeth.”

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