Profile picSacha is a multi-published feature writer with a gold standard diploma in journalism. A fervent enthusiasm for psychology and philosophy has inspired the foundations of the literary universe you see here today, and her advocation for independence and self-empowerment has built them from the ground up.

In more recent years, she has transitioned from solely writing articles and blog posts to also publishing contemporary fiction, all of which encompasses these key elements.

When she’s not typing, she’s listening to rock music, reading rom-coms and drinking tea, a beverage which she credits as the fuel for all of her thought-provoking reads.”

Sacha’s Journalistic Roles


Sacha’s Fictional Narratives


Sacha’s most highly revered work has come from feature writing for the online NYC magazine, Thought Catalog and, more recently, for her selection of introspective romance books, which cleverly combines relatable real-life experiences with self-discovery.