About Sacha

“Creating a little literary universe full of motivational reads that will change your perspective.”

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“Although I wasn’t born there, most of my childhood memories reside within the small town of Burgess Hill in West Sussex. It’s been a while without it, but with more than twenty years spent living there, it’ll always be like my first love. And just like a first love, it’s coined with nostalgia. Some bits you recollect with smiles, whilst others you care to forget. Nevertheless, it was my first – and probably my only – place that I could truly call, “Home”

Since the days of shooting hoops after school and playing knock-down ginger on the neighbours’ doors, life has dealt me many a unique card. The assorted deck as a teenager gave me a best friend in the form of Ellen, a penchant for the blonde singer in G4, a bizarre illness that rendered me homebound for many years and, thankfully, the endless love from my ever supportive mum, who no matter what hand I’ve had since, has always been in the mix.

For many years, it felt like I was living in a re-run of Groundhog Day and things seemed reluctant to change.

Until college…

A strangely awkward Sacha donning a Trivium hoodie meandered through the endless halls of St Paul’s Catholic College. Looking back, wearing metalcore merch probably wasn’t the wisest choice of clothing. But, the 16-year-old me totally rocked the long black hair and thick eyeliner emo look. And as face-palmingly daft as that image sounds, that was when the woman I am today began to emerge.

“I always need a good cup of tea to stimulate the old noggin!”

I loved Philosophy and Psychology and would spend the majority of my time dissecting people’s behaviours and experiences in order to try and make sense of the ever-changing world around me. However, after many agonising days spent raking over such collated thoughts, I soon realised something: People are downright bonkers! Good or bad, people are amazingly kooky, and each segment of a personality and the choices we make due to it sparked my curious nature in an absolutely irrevocable way. Nevertheless, this new way of thinking was pretty overwhelming and left me with no other choice than to write it all down. Whether that was in essays at University, poetry in my journals, or via the medium of online blogs, every emotion and lesson was noted. And although it was put on a back-burner after the loss of my Grandparents, leaving university to study journalism, becoming so unsettled at writing reports that I bought a sports car, and deciding to move home (twice…in two years!) that zest for learning still dwelled within me.

So, with a mid-life crisis over by the time I’d reached 25 – ticking off as many life experiences from a metaphorical checklist as a pensioner – I decided that I would take a break from the chaos and do the one thing that comes naturally to me: writing. Which brings me where I am today – creating a little literary universe full of motivational reads that will change your perspective. Nice, eh? I’m always up for turning a negative into a positive like that.

Front cover

It goes without saying that many cups of tea were had, too. I always need a good cup of tea to stimulate the old noggin! Mostly green tea…Every day must begin with some kind of matcha concoction. I still can’t believe I received no tea for Christmas last year. Utter madness!”

twg.jpg ‘Tea is fuel for inspired thoughts and epic travels. Evidence of this is captured above, showcasing my latest leaf-blend I bought in Dubai, a place which helped me create quotes like, “I want to find love like I find my next destination; by following the map of my dreams,” and gave me a new brew that just so happens to taste great with homemade granola…’