Poem for Louis

I’m writing this now in case I regret

living with the memories I later forget

Remembering you here is all I have to hold

Thoughts can’t keep me warm though, as your presence of old

Utterly hopeless, inside I am numb

outside I front it, in hope you’ll still come


Maybe one day I’ll get home and you’ll be sitting there

waiting patiently in your spot, softly warming the chair

You’ll blink and you’ll purr, so happy in your place

but I know that’s just a reminiscence, no longer repeated – erased.


Millions of moments I wish I could have back

my heart aches knowing there’s no more to stack

Videos and pictures will keep you alive though,

each one I will cherish and treasure, even as the tears flow


Everywhere I look, I’ll be reminded of you

All inches of the house, the garden, and the travels we shared, too

We’ve been to so many places up and down the UK

moving from house to house, but despite all our movements, our love would still stay

Old habits would follow, no matter the changes

drinking taps in the kitchen, Elvis Presley impressions and snorting at strangers


You always made me laugh even when times got hard

the only one I’d cuddle, who I’d let down my guard

To me, you were special, unlike the rest

from the head bumps on the counter to the curly fur on your chest

Inside and out, you were more than just a pet

some people may judge it, but I don’t care, you were the coolest little guy I’d ever met

Even from our first meeting, when I was defiant to your charm

it was impossible to resist you, the moment you nuzzled my arm

Then you looked up at me with a gaze so innocently green

and my heart, it melted. You were the most adorable thing I’d ever seen

Reluctance soon faltered, I knew we’d be friends

from the moment we met, right to the very end.


That time has come now, it’s time to move on

but how can I keep living, when I know that you’re gone.


I’m so sorry, my darling. This isn’t what I wanted. You should have had so many more wonderful years left to enjoy. All pieces of my heart are broken, but they’re with you forever. Sleep tight, my beautiful boy. I’ll never forget you.

24.05.2012 – 07.12.2018 ♥

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