Oh, come all (tea) faithful! Favourite Festive Brews

Every season brings with it new weather, a new wardrobe and most importantly, a new brew. And whilst everyone is now cosying up in their chunky knits, getting giddy for the arrival of Santa and his sackful of gifts, I’m hoping he thinks I’ve been a good enough lassie to receive a truckload of festive teas! So, Mr Claus, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve written you a little list outlining some special cuppas I’d like to find under my tree this year. And of course, it goes without saying, I would be more than happy to share one with you over a mince pie or two!

Bird & Blend

Mince Pie Matcha – A matcha fit for St. Nick himself, with notes of freshly rolled pastry, spices and zest!

Mulled Matcha – Christmas spiced orange & turmeric tea powder!

Mint Humbug Matcha – Sweet and mellow rooibos matcha with maca, liquorice & peppermint to boot!”

– Out of those three, the mint humbug is my favourite! However, the 5-piece set comes with a gingernut matcha as well as a cocoa one, too. So, it seems only sensible to buy the selection tube. Plus, it’s only £17.50 (which I personally think it a bit of a bargain for matcha) Just imagine the lattes you could make with them! Ooh, it jingles my bells just thinking about it!!

“With sweet vanilla rooibos & chocolate-y notes, this creamy Irish coffee inspired blend is a Christmas dream come true! Raise your mugs, Teabirds & join us… ‘& the bells are ringing out..’”

– Most of the teas I’ve chosen this year are pretty sweet, so when it came to this find, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I liked it. Usually, I find coffee notes a bit too bitter, but the way the beans are complemented by the vanilla rooibos just makes it so creamy and moreish! Best of all, it’s caffeine-free. So I can sneak a few sips before bed and not be bouncing off the walls whilst I wait for my gifts to come down the chimney! 

These two are my top choices, but other dessert Xmas teas can be discovered on the Bird & Blend website (Should any be out of stock before your Elves get a chance to get hold of them, please see ‘Snowball’ as a further option – I can’t resist a chocolate tea!) 


Who Stole the Eggnog Loose Leaf Feature Book

“Eggnog – that sweet, luscious concoction at the centre of so many Christmas traditions. A delicious mess of creamy, custard-like flavours, this yuletide treat is loved for its indulgent dessert flavours. But when a gremlin threatens to destroy their treasured Christmas ritual, Stella and her grandfather will have to think quickly to save the day and their beloved eggnog brew.”

– Okay, so I caved and bought this one already. But can you blame me? The temptation to have this custardy tea at hand grew too high and I simply couldn’t restrain myself any longer. If only I could allow you to smell it through this article – it’s delicious! In fact, I might brew some more on the hob now, just so the house is filled with the delectable scent of buttery, nutty spices again…

A Trifle Delicious Loose Leaf Feature Book

“As two rival dessert makers battle it out, one takes the cake with her luxuriously decadent concoction. Layering fresh fruit jelly with sweet sponge cake, she tops off the whole thing with rich vanilla custard and lashings of cream. The result is a winner that’ll appease any diehard dessert lover!”

– Every time I sip this, I can’t get over how the taste of white chocolate layers itself over the berries so smoothly! Most fruit teas tend to have one note to them (or zero, because it’s all in the smell and absent in the sipping), but this one manages to work its way around at least 3. Hints of cream, jelly and cake are all found in this one heavenly creation, and I really need it in my stocking this year, Santa!! 

Again, I can only imagine how speedily these will go out of stock once the masses get a taste for them, so I’ve found a few other festive options that T2 Tea has blended up which would make delicious alternatives. 


Seasons Greetings Christmas Tea - Loose Tea Caddy (Image 2)

“A wonderful tea for the Christmas season. Our Chrismtas Tea is a spiced malty black tea that has been expertly blended with warming, spicy, Christmas flavours off safflowers and orange peel. Enjoy with or without milk for a delicious festive treat.”

– Rudolph’s red nose will definitely need warming by the time he’s done flying about in the snow, so what would be better than to drop off a traditional Christmas tea at my house when you make your stop? As well as being a sucker for anything chocolatey, the same goes for anything dusted with cinnamon, and this tea sings that carol in every note! I reckon we could all do with a mug of this tasty brew with a shortbread after such a busy night, don’t you?

Check out Twinings for more mouth-watering seasonal drinks, such as their London Edition green tea with mint and rose. Because sadly, it won’t be Christmas every day (sorry, Wizzard) and I’m going to need detoxing after gobbling one too many yule logs. 


“We all have a love for a sweet mint, whether a mint with a hole, a mint after dinner or a mint shaped Christmas candy cane. This tea is an all natural (sugar free people!) alternative to those minty treats….just as delicious.”

– You’re darn right, Louise, and I am already in love with this spearmint rock just from reading its bio. Seriously, if this was on (tea)nder, I’d swipe right. It’s a good thing I’m allowed to have a polygamous relationship with teas, or else the locals would think of me as a bit of a leafy Lothario! Anyway, sorry Santa, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent. But yes, this bagged beverage would be lovely to have after Christmas dinner (especially when I’ll be feeling too full to fiddle with strainers and teapots) so if there’s any space left on your sleigh, please pop a pouch in for me!

I must admit, the Vanilla Fudge one sounds rather good too. To be fair, they all do! Take a peek at the Tea Pigs website and see for yourself!

6 isn’t too greedy an ask, is it? I don’t think so. Should you be so kind as to gift them to me this year, St. Nick, I will do my best to make them last. Looking at the selection I’ve chosen above, I reckon I could keep them going until at least Valentine’s Day or Easter.

No, probably just til late January…

…don’t judge me! Us writers need hot beverages to function. It’s an actual fact.  

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