The Beat of Doldrum Street

City streets sing their daily tune

The same ones I hear every afternoon.

Pacing each familiar step that I walk

I listen to the conversations I hear people talk

Exchanging pleasantries to pass the day

A sparkless chat before they’re back on their way.


Thoughts run through my head as I pick up the pace,

“I guess there’s no in-between to apathy and rat race.”

Yet, I know each stranger I pass bears a passion

A dream to live a new life they yearn to fashion

Big or small, it doesn’t matter which way

All I know is that what I hold seems too hard to say.


I keep it locked tight; no one knows how I feel

And if they ask me, “How are you?”

Faking a smile is far easier than explaining what’s real

Truth be told, being a person like me is confusing

One minute, I’m content

and the next, I feel like I’m losing.


Happiness floats into my life and then, once again, it goes cruising.


I’ve hit a brick wall

I’ve met a dead-end

The song has stopped singing

And so we meet again:




Fear that this is all I’m worth.

Fear that this is all there is.

I just want to believe that there’s more to life than this.


For the beat of the doldrums is not one I wish to hear

My love is for a bigger world, one outside of here

So take me to the music where all the notes leap free

A place where my heartbeat can finally play its symphony


There I’ll be happy. There life is sweet.

Oh, how I long to dance in that street!


…But, that place is not here.

That day is not now.

One day though, I will be there

Someday, someway, somehow…

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