War Zone

From the barrel of the gun, your ammo rests

Fully loaded. Hand gripped tightly to its chest.

Sweaty palms nestle the chamber,

Emotions unsteady, but your fingers don’t waver.

Thoughts undeterred, you hold your position

There’s no holding back, you’ve made your decision.


With no sign of warning, you called me a liar

The trigger is pulled and the first shot is fired.

I wasn’t ready for your verbal attack

And now I lie wounded with a bullet in my back.


Shots keep coming, you show me no mercy

Even though I’m already on the ground, crying, “Please, this hurts me”


We live in the trenches,

Battle on the field

We fight with no soldiers,

No swords and no shields.


This fight is ours and it stays behind closed doors.

No one to save me whilst I lie injured on the floor.


Tears are my blood

Your words cut me deep

Our home is a war zone

A secret I must keep.

3 thoughts on “War Zone

  1. Jon Elkon says:

    The poem bites. Nice! It reminds me of a couple of mine. Great minds etc. Can I persuade you to PLEASE buy and review my collected poems? Some Day Soon it’s called, on Amazon natch.

    meanwhile here’s one I wrote earlier, having seen too much on ww1:

    Died in battle

    So the young and proud once

    In terror and shit

    Blood spattered and unarmed

    Crying in pain he struggled

    Across the gouged earth

    His leg dragged as if

    Unnecessary burden it

    Belonged to another

    The rattle and rumble and roar

    Of battle receding

    And dusk emerging

    From the horizon

    Brought slowly, so slowly

    Camouflage into which he snuggled

    And stopped

    And curled up like a foetus

    And with one word



    The old men in their bunkers far away

    Drew lines on maps.

    Pls buy and review? Some of the poems deserve a wider readership than my sister and her doggies.


    Bests xxx Jon


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