Lockdown Views – From The Inside

My New Year’s Resolution was about focus. Life is never going to be perfect, granted, but I wanted to believe that every crack in the surface could be put to good use. After all, as long as light can pour through, then there’s hope, right?

Since then, the lockdown has really tested my power of will. The crack of light I was working with has now become that little bit smaller. The ramifications of that change have been huge, not only for me but for the entire world.
Big or small, every ripple in the ocean can make a wave on the shore, and with no end in sight yet, only time will tell how big that wave will become.
Everyone is in this together though, and no problems should be compared. Our freedom of expression should exist without fear of judgement from others.
If it’s okay not to be okay at the best of times, then, by all means, it’s okay to not be okay at the worst.
May it be known that I am not claiming to suffer more or less than any other individual right now. But the domino effect of the coronavirus pandemic has a multifaceted impact, and it’s important to recognise those repercussions and how we should all be there to support one another through this challenging time, no matter what the issue.
This isn’t a competition. Lives are lives. Emotions are emotions. We’re all allowed to air our frustrations whilst still respecting those out there who are doing something incredible for the greater good.
Stay strong and please, if you’ve learned anything during this time that has kept you focused on that light pouring through, pass it on. It’s important that we all help keep each other motivated, no matter who they are or what they’re going through.

Thank you x

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