I Dare You to Read This

Have you ever wandered into a new place, full of fresh faces and the smell of air infused with coffee? You know this is the place you have to start again. Everyone looks different, but for some reason, we think we know them already, and they know us. The waif red-head in the navy blue mini-skirt knows she’s “all that” and the suited and booted guy tightening his tie has blatantly tried it on with every female (and possibly male, when the jaeger bomb’s kicked in) staff member in the office. They instantly look at you with your clunky bags and unregulated blouse and think you’re a muppet. So, you bow your head down to avoid their gaze…plus, the floor is really interesting, isn’t it?

Why do we do this? Is it some form of anxiety in which we exhibit negative judgement on others to protect our own egos? Or, is it the fact that we don’t know what we are and the thought of new people trying to prize your identity is something that makes you want to run for the hills? Let’s face it, who knows who we are when our being is relative to social acceptance, class, trends and intellect.

Your head is in a tizz and the only safe things to do that is acceptable anywhere you go is to escape to the loo, and hide in there until you can work out who to be. The reflection that stares back at you could belong to anyone, anyone you want it to be. The best and worst thing about a fresh start is that you have the ability to choose how much you overhaul your life. First impressions count, and if you get it wrong now, there’s no going back.

So, are these people you’ve ascertained the intellect, humour and sexual endeavours on in less than 2 seconds flat actually anything like your assumption? If you started discussing the teleological argument of God’s existence – because only a true existential and ethereal being could be smart enough to create the office’s coffee machine design -would they look at you funnily? Or, will the overweight one with the dodgy haircut surprise you and tell you his interests go further than Krispy Kreme’s?

I guess the main point of this seemingly arbitrary article is that the contemporary person is superficial and induced by the construct of the media. We are all anti-social (including myself at times) and we only “like” each other if what people do follows a shallow structure. No one dare try to get to know one another on a deeper level because we can find out all we need to know on someone’s internet page. Once we know what we consider “enough”, we stop trying. We all have 4 million “friends” who we know about as well as we know ourselves nowadays. A life focused on neglect and filtering out anything of substance is one we are currently living in. Anyone who displays questioning of the order is thrown to the lions. Or, so we’re lead to believe.

Somewhere, among the sheep of society, the burning questions and opinions that penetrate the minds of few are buried deep. Do we dare be the first person in this new age to challenge and stimulate people further than a funny video of a cat licking its bum? (I must admit I like a good mindless video at times, but that secret’s between you and me, okay?) So, my question to those who took the time to read this…do you want to learn more? Do you want to feel more? More than just…this?

It’s time to defy the current status quo and be who you are! Let’s bring back a world of thinkers and creators, rather than just filtered faces and drivel adoration. Let’s be the new age who philosophises instead of lip-synching Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” with some ghastly choreography to match. Or, the one who creates a new mouth-watering dish, instead of publicising complaint letters about how a shower gel was somehow “sexually suggestive.”

Anyway, before I lose my PC voice, I’m going to leave you with that thought whilst I go get some green tea (coffee isn’t my thing and I don’t care. You can keep your coffee breath) But, in the meantime, I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise me that next time you see someone, you’ll ask them what they think, not just how they are. Feelings are only useful to know if we understand why they’re there and if we can apply something helpful in addition. Surprisingly, the person behind the emotion is often far more interesting.

And for Pete’s sake, get off your phone and actually SEE PEOPLE! That constant “ding” on messenger does my swede in.

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