Skin-Loving Tea Elixirs

It used to really annoy me when people guessed my age wrong. They’d take one look at my chubby cheeks and doe eyes and hazard a guess that made me feel anatomically prepubescent. As if I could pull off being in school again! However, as time has passed, I have become more and more fond of the fact that I look younger than my years. What was once the bane of my days is now somewhat of a highlight. No one at 21 wants to be told that they could pass for 15. But when you’re nearly 30 and people hazard your age as between 18-22, well that’s flattery we can all happily indulge in!

So, what’s the secret to eternal youth? Good genes? A nice skincare routine? Exercise and the great outdoors? Typically, yes. To look and feel well, it’s fair to assume that engaging in as many healthy practices as humanly possible will serve you well. But with the plethora of superfoods and surgeries out there all offering some kind of fantastical jiggery-pokery to keep you looking young, it can become tiresomely head-scratching. In my world, I’d rather keep it simple. Prevention is better than cure. So, start young if you want to stay looking young. And despite what the internet tells you, no amount of goji berries or botox is ever going to reverse time.

One of my secrets to looking baby-faced, per se, is my love of tea. Our bodies are over 60% water, so keeping it hydrated is pretty key to looking and feeling good. Not only will drinking plenty keep fatigue at bay, but it’ll also do wonders for your skin. The daily recommendation is approximately 2L, which can be simplified to 8 cups of 250ml (most cups tend to fit this much liquid in, so you won’t need to get technical with any scales!) The best way to achieve this is by drinking water. However, there are some perks to beverages of the leafy kind. Whilst water is epic at flushing your system through, certain teas can perform little magic tricks for your skin that water just can’t compete with. Plus, they are a taste explosion in a cup! So, there’s simply no reason to avoid them.

Below, is an outline of some common skin needs and how these ingredients help keep you looking flawless as well as make the tastiest of beverages. Ciao, Coffee! Tea’s in town.


Naturally sweet and vitamin and mineral-rich, Rosehip is not only nutritionally dense, but its astringent qualities help keep your skin elastic too, leaving your skin plump and wrinkle-free! Hooray!

A powerhouse of antioxidants, Sencha Green Tea not only keeps your skin clear and radiant, but it also aids in the reduction of wrinkles by keeping the body intensely hydrated. Also, it makes a delicious after-dinner drink, especially after indulging in a scrummy bowl of Ramen.

Other notable mentions: collagen-boosting Cacao, the guilt-free cup of tea! And anti-ageing White Tea



Containing a super blend of antioxidants, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, the Moringa flower is not only pretty to look at, but its leaves are also very effective at protecting your skin. As well as fighting free-radicals and infections, it also has blood-clotting qualities which makes it great at healing wounds. So if you want clear skin, invest in more flower-power!

See the source image

Magical yet essentially flavourless, Charcoal and Matcha blended together is truly a kick-ass superhero duo in a cup. Detoxifying and antioxidant-rich, these two ingredients will flush your system right through, leaving you energised and your skin smooth. So, why not make it into a tasty latte with some hemp milk for an added omega-boost, too? Your face will thank you for it.

Other notable mentions: No-nonsense Nettle, Peppermint & Spearmint will clear up any mess!



Easily able to perform a 3-in-1, Oolong tea will not only give your body a vital injection of vitamins that combat ageing, but it’s also been known to treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as improve our skin’s colour! Could it be any better?!

Say, “Adios!” to acne, “Ciao!” to unsightly scarring and “Bye-bye! to a lacklustre complexion because Turmeric is here to save the day! Like all of the herbs and botanicals mentioned, this golden spice is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. In fact, if you research all the benefits, you’ll see it truly is a pretty amazing all-rounder. Turmeric is good for your body on so many levels and, surprisingly, it makes an epic latte. Mix it with Matcha or have it on its own with ginger and honey for the best and tastiest results.

Other notable mentions: Amazingly omega-rich Acai and repairing and rejuvenating Lacuma


Oh, Mother Nature! How you are full of so many wonders! I have a new bestie, and her name is Camellia Sinensis.

Now, where did I put my teacup…?

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