Eco-Friendly and Delicious – 10 Teas From Bird & Blend That Every Vegan Must Try

Since a groundbreaking new study revealed that veganism is the single biggest way to reduce the environmental impact on our beloved blue marble, it seems only fair to find alternative food and drink out there to help make that prospect more achievable.

For many reasons though, some of us are reluctant to make these changes to our daily lives. Pushing aside any legitimate excuses to stick to said diet or lifestyle (be that down to an allergy or health condition, for example) some of us are even slightly scared to try new things. Apparently, screwing up our faces in disgust at the sight of an unusual fruit or vegetable isn’t merely restricted to children. Us adults are just as guilty!

Nevertheless, thanks to clever bods in the health foods market, the nation is steadily beginning to incorporate more and more nutritious vegan dishes into their diet, without even realising it. Be it from snack bars to one-pot meals, cereals to even certain pizzas, slowly but surely, we are eating new things we once never would have tried (like cheese made from coconut oil – whodathunkit?!) Best of all though, the majority of these food items are easy to find, quick to make and eat, relatively inexpensive to buy and also, surprisingly tasty.

But, “what about tea?” I hear you cry (or maybe that was just me?) Well, whatever the case, it might surprise you to learn that not all types of the leafy beverage are vegan! For those who are fond of a standard English Breakfast, however, have no fear. Anything that contains just leaves should be fine. But, if you’re a bit of a plant-loving health buff in the need of a quick brew that actually makes you go, “Mmm!” for a change, then you’ll want to stick around.

So, without further ado, here are the creme de la creme of vegan teas from eco-warriors, Bird & Blend, that are not only good for you and the planet but are also, absolutely taste-tinglingly delicious.


1) Monkey Chops is one you’ll go totally bananas for! Perfect for those cheeky few who like a smooth sip with a tropical twist. Try it with coconut milk for an extra layering of exotic creaminess.

2) Vicky’s Sponge Cake really is the most regal of afternoon accompaniments. But something this majestic is far better shared than alone. So engage your inner-Queen-V, invite over your most royal of friends and take out your best cutlery – it’s cake and cuppa time.


Carrot Cake

3) Carrot Cake will spice up your life with every scrummy slurp. With its delicate sweetness and nutty edge, this moreish tea is definitely best had like the real thing – in big portions!

Rhubarb + Custard Tea

4) Rhubarb and Custard tea makes the most of the heavenly crumble pudding pairing. It’s also caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich and still packed with deliciousness! Sweet. (Add a drizzle of vanilla soya milk for an extra teaspoon of indulgence!)


Blue Raspberry Green Tea

5) Blue Raspberry is a fan fave for good reason. It’s magic in taste and in colour and yet, it’s all-natural! Amazing! So why not bag yourself a sample and see if this spellbinding sip enchants you, too.

6) Cherry Lips makes an ideal partner during hanami season. Because what could be more tranquil than having a relaxing refreshment underneath the arms of a Cherry Blossom tree? So pack a picnic, find a pretty place to sit and allow each delicate sip to transport you to a world of pure serenity.


7) Coconut Milk Oolong boasts creamy pearls with a silky smoothness that nobody can resist. Just one taste of this blissful blend and you’ll fall steep in love. So go on, give into temptation. You know you want to.

8) Peppermint Cream allows you to sample the classic delight of a minty velvet chocolate after-dinner treat completely guilt-free! Incredibly decadent and yet soothing in equal measure, you’ll wish you’d made a bigger pot every time.


9) All Things Nice really is a sensational bouquet of sweetness, softness and spice, allowing your tastebuds to blossom with every sip. A wonderfully pleasant drink for botanical lovers everywhere.

10) Cherry Bakewell is an award-winning tea that perfectly captures the classic teatime treat. With juicy cherries and aromatic almond swirling in every cup, it makes the most delightful afternoon choice. Enjoyable both on its own or with a touch of something sweet.

Now, who’d have thought that reducing our carbon footprint could be so tasTEA, eh? (See what I did there?) Oh, and don’t forget that you can even infuse some of these cup-warmers into your favourite foods, as well! From doughnuts to rocky road, the options are out of this world! (Yep, that’s another pun) Check out how via the recipe section on Bird & Blend’s website.

In the meantime, I’m going for a brew.

What? It’s thirsty work this writing lark!

Chin, chin!


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