Top 3 Chocolatey Teas (Infused into one Melt-in-the-Mouth Read)

Staring at the cocoa husks that floated in synchrony with the black tea leaves in the cup, its emanating warmth created a wet tip on his nose as he inhaled its scent. Questioning the concoction that brewed within his hugging clasp, he looked over at his enthusiastic friend who was keen for him to take a sip.

“This is weird.” He accused, after only a mere sniff of the steaming cup. But her smile remained fixed as she eagerly encouraged him to try it.

“Just drink it!” She urged, before indulging in a long taste of her own – slowly, before letting a cheerful “Ah…” escape in euphoric out-breath. Seeing her comforted expression spurred him on, but he was still unsure as what to expect. After all, his friend was a lover of kale crisps too, so could she really be trusted? But whilst his curiosity as to her taste-buds lingered on his furrowed expression, he allowed the warm liquid to swim its way from the cup edge and into his askew mouth, and as it gently rested on the shore of his tongue, he realised the pleasure.  It was sweet and wholesome, yet delicately gooey. The texture was familiar and yet the flavours transcended that of what he knew. No, it wasn’t like a hot chocolate, but evidently just as moreish.

With all signs of skew relieved from his face, he said to her, “Oh my God!” before excitedly slurping the rest of the tasty drink, until all that bathed in the base of the cup were the remnants of sticky sweet glee…

man tea.jpg

Haven’t we all been there; that place where we’re wondering if what lies within a cup is just hot water with a nice smell? I know I have. Which is why after many a year of consuming an array of teas, I am now pretty good at being able to find the best ones out there, whether on a budget or for specific tastes, I know a good leafy beverage. Which is why I decided to write this article. Because as much as I love a refreshing green, pretty oolong, or a pure white tea, I was once at a loss for finding a decent chocolatey blend!

I remember trying my first chocolate tea, and it was disappointing, to say the least. One, because I sipped it too hot. Two, because I made it black, and three, because it was a crap blend. So before I encourage you to try my top teas, I must implore you to make sure that they’re prepared well, in order to make the most of their delicious flavours! Firstly by using a dash of milk (optional, but some really do work well with it, especially hemp, rice, coconut and oat milks, because they’re super sweet already which makes it even tastier), also try it with some honey (again, optional, but I like a sweet tea to be…well…sweet! Agave syrup works just as well) and lastly, check the ingredients! If the majority of your “Chocolate tea” is black leaves, then it isn’t going to be a great experience. Luckily, I’ve already gone through all the wincing over crappy teas for you and narrowed down the ones that release only blissful sighs of joy.

So, here they are! My top 3 chocolatey teas (plus, a little surprise at the end), and a little profile for each of them. It’s like trying to find your perfect match in a cup, right?

3) Twinings – Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam:Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam - 12 Pyramid Bags (Image 1)

“A sweet chocolatey and creamy hazelnut taste, like a praline truffle. Inspired by tea & chocolate, a match made in heaven. Rich Assam loose leaf tea is a perfect partner to the flavour of delicious chocolate & hazelnuts.


Direct from the Twinings horse’s mouth. So if you like that creme brulee-type flavour, this one’s certainly for you, and at £3.49 per pack, it’s not too bad. However, this is my number 3 purely because as much as it is nice, I think that you’re paying for pretty packaging more than flavour. The pouch may be sweet, but the sweetest part of the experience should be the tea. But it is vegan and good for on-the-go cups at work, which gives it some brownie points (no pun intended…) So bung some rice milk with it, allow it to infuse for 3 minutes or so and allow it to comfort your cockles.

For more reviews, or to buy it, check the site out by clicking here

 2) Yogi Teas – Choco Mint:

Choco Mint

“The sweet cacao shells in YOGI TEA® Choco Mint exude the delicious fragrance of chocolate, allowing us to leave the day behind. The refreshing, cooling mint it contains, complements this perfectly, as their essential oils enchant our spirit. Vanilla, a hint of cardamom and black pepper add the finishing touches to this tea. The essence of this tea is: ‘Rest your mind’.

cocoa shells*, liquorice*, peppermint*, anise*, fat-reduced cocoa powder*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, carob*, cardamom*, ginger*, peppermint oil*, vanilla extract*, barley malt*, cloves*, vanilla beans*

There are a few things I adore about this tea. Firstly is that it’s Ayurvedic, which is a Hindu medicinal system that focuses on balancing the body through diet, herbal remedies and yogic breathing (hence the name for the tea being “Yogi”). So, I feel like I’m doing a lot of good for my body by drinking this, as well as enjoying it. Secondly is the fact that you don’t need to add anything except some hot water to make a good cup, because it is so aromatic and flavoursome. As you can tell by the ingredients, its unique blend offers a taste sensation which needs no addition to improve its already heavenly quality.  Lastly, and probably the nicest part of it, is that each individually wrapped bag comes with a little heartfelt message – be it a quote of hope or inspiration, each one has something meaningful to offer. One I had recently was: 


Which made me feel rather wistful as I sat there in pure tranquillity…

Anyway, they’re available in Holland & Barrett for £2.39 (AMAZING!) and they are exceptional on more than just a taste level, so give them a go!

If you want to know a bit more about them then click on the site here

1) T2 Tea – Caramel Brownie:

T125AE124_caramel-brownie_Sha1cmel brwn

“A baker’s blend of rich chocolate and gooey caramel – so mouthwatering it rivals Mum’s homemade brownies!”

I don’t even want to write too much about this tea, because my mouth is already yearning for its luxurious delivery of chocolate and caramel rolled into a treacle tart Havana in a mug. It’s simply THE best chocolate tea in the world right now. T2 Tea does a selection of chocolatey blends that are all top notch, but this one steals the limelight. It’s perfect. Honestly, just put the kettle on now and make a cup. Forget reading any more of my overly wordy tripe and just drink the tea – it’s too awesome to wait any longer for.

ATTENTION VEGANS! This contains milk! If you want to try an alternative with a similar taste experience, then try their limited edition Choc Molten Marvel. Or for a more simple choccy taste, then fill your boots with their Cocoa Loca – all of which can be found here.

                                          Oh, you’re still here reading the article…

                                              …I just went to make a cuppa.

                                                    …You want one too?

                                                        I’ll get the teapot. 

A little P.S. for Tetley here! They do a nice Indulgence range with a good variety of simple black tea with some yummy flavours too. They’re reasonably priced (£1.99 for 20 bags), great for work when the office is nippy (especially now it’s the festive season!) and taste lush too. If you want to discover their new collection, then click this sentence for more lush tea… (My recommendation is to try the Cookies and Cream one first. It’s divine!)

Talking of biscuits, Bluebird Tea has totally taken over my cupboards with their rustic, tasty and wholesome blends, not to mention this little number, Chocolate Digestives. If you haven’t done so already and you’re in the mood to spend that little bit more on your afternoon slurp, then give this brand a try! Their humble beginnings mean they’re really in touch with their tea blends, and unlike some other titles out there, every single cup is as (if not, more) delicious as its name indicates. 

Chocolate Digestives Tea

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