Lean, Mean Green Tea Machine – Tried and Tested

Break time. You head for the kettle to make yourself your standard coffee. But, your friend told you about this “green tea” malarkey and you’re curious. Not only is it amazing for you, but it also has the benefit of fighting bad breath! So, maybe since you have that date coming up tonight, it’d be wise to invest in this alternative drink; especially since you’ve run out of emergency chewing gum.

As you open the drinks cupboard though, you spot endless varieties of the stuff, some loose, some in bags, some blended with other flavours and you just don’t know where to start. For a brief moment, you contemplate shutting the cupboard and steer towards your regular caffeine fix. Thankfully though, you’ve read this review, and you know exactly what you’re looking for. So, well done!

Anybody else though, you best set aside that coffee and have a read, cos once you’ve finished this article you won’t be hitting the Kenco again for a while!

What Green Tea Drinker Am I Though?

Type A: Flavour Fanatic- Are you looking for that smooth, clean and pure taste of green tea? If so, then there’s nothing more saddening than when you get a cup that tastes like you’re drinking hot compost water. From my experience, if you’re after a green tea that tastes crisp and velvety, then it’s worth investing in at least a happy midway brand. For teabag lovers, the “Teapigs” range does some fantastic combinations that you can really appreciate. For a slightly cheaper option, then “Pukka” or “Heath and Heather” are great for taste and quantity. However, if you’re all about the decadent, then embrace the flavourful and creative varieties from “T2 tea”. You can indulge yourself with the tea at its finest and most lavish. From sweet, to nutty, clean to chocolatey, there’s something for you. Proceed with caution though, because you are guaranteed to fall in love with each box.


Type B: Bargain on a Budget- Are you after maximum amounts of green tea flavour and quantity and all for a great price? Then look no further than “Clipper Teas”! They have a wide variety of organic and foil-sealed options, to keep everything clean and fresh. The flavours and blends are strong and the amount you get for the price you pay is astoundingly good. Find it in your local supermarket or health food store with ease, and enjoy the benefits whilst still having change leftover for your lunchtime flapjack (Mmmmm).


Type C: Easy Living- Now you’re not one to worry about the price tag too much, but the flavour has got to be good and it’s got to be easy to fit into your busy schedule. So, what better to try than the endless heavenly varieties from the experts at “Twinings” and “PG Tips”? Not only do they do some gloriously indulgent green tea blends, but they also keep it fresh and interesting, too. So you can immerse your taste buds in the numerous varieties whilst knowing that it takes all of 2 minutes to pull from the box in your work drawer to the freshly brewed cup on your desk.  Oh, and these brands are often on offer in many supermarkets, meaning you tend to get more for less! Making this investment even easier to maintain.


Type D: Pure Potency- Okay, so you’re the kind of person who is after the all-singing-all-dancing, bells and whistles, maximum benefit green tea. None of this faffing about, you want nutrients, you want superfood health and you want it all in your cup. Steady on, tiger. I’ll tell you what you need. You green tea clever clogs know that most standard green teas when brewed lose their nutrients along the way. So, what are your options for that gunpowder green impact you so heavily yearn for? Easy, find yourself a matcha. Matcha green tea is ground to a fine powder (which means you drink the whole leaf) and so you consume 15x more nutrients compared to your standard bagged version. However, this is a dedicated investment, as the higher the potency, the more it costs. For anyone looking for a slightly cheaper option but still packed with health benefits, then you can try Sencha. Sencha green tea is high in vitamins C and E, so you know you’re getting some top antioxidants in there. Both of these will make you feel amazing and will be as clean as they come. My favourites though? Again, T2 Tea knows their stuff. They also give you the option to have it bagged or as a loose powder, and some come with great blends such as the mighty turmeric, pleasant Jasmine and sweet vanilla. If you haven’t got a T2 Tea store within easy reach, then pop into your local health food store and you’ll find equivalents in the “Bootea” and “Bloom” ranges. Also, if you do happen to be on a budget, then know “Heath and Heather” have a pretty tasty matcha tea bag range for under £3, which is one rewarding bargain!

matchaSo, Can I Make a Cup Now?

You sure can! Just remember that if you’re going bagged, all you’ll need are the basic kettle-full of boiled water and cup. If you’re going loose, invest in a little spoon and teapot to place the leaves in to brew. You’ll also need an infuser to place over your cup in order to catch any of those little leaves when you pour it out. Lastly, as matcha is a powder of which you can consume its entirety, all you’ll need is a cup to place it in, some hot water to be added in drops to make into a paste, before then adding more to create the liquid drink. 1 teaspoon of matcha to 6 ounces of water should do the trick.


Well, writing that was thirsty work! Luckily my kettle’s just boiled. I hope from here on in you’ll be joining me for many a delicious cup of tea now you’re green cha savvy.

Happy sipping, everybody!

3 thoughts on “Lean, Mean Green Tea Machine – Tried and Tested

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for the information and the education too! As a dedicated and addicted coffee drinker with a delightful collection of obsessions relating to the drink, maybe you have persuaded me to dip a toe into green tea. Not literally, at least when it’s really hot but I promise to try. Btw have you tried Rooibos tea? A really healthgiving traditional South African drink which is neither red nor a tea. Delicious.

    • princessbana28 says:

      Oh how fantastic! Yes, you must and let me know your thoughts on which green tea you should decide to indulge in. Also, see my article
      about the intricate health benefits of green tea, in case you need extra reason to try the stuff! https://sachakurucz92.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/why-green-tea-is-ridiculously-amazing/ I have tried rooibos tea and it’s a fabulous breakfast drink 🙂 Lovely with a dash of manuka honey. If you end up finding green tea too strong, I’d recommend Oolong, which is the in between of black and green 🙂

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