I Want to Know What Love is…

The most beautiful things in life are usually the things that require a lot of effort from its beginning. Whether that effort is in its creation, or maintenance; nothing that is easy ever feels as good compared to when you strive for something hard and achieve it. Maybe a beautiful moment for some is when you throw your graduation hat to the sky in celebration for your well-earned grades, or when you bungee jump out of a plane for charity, or that piece of music that sings to your soul. Some people say I dream too big, but I say “You don’t know what true love for something is without that beautiful moment.”

Love is a multifaceted emotion. It’s held deep within your heart and then soars through your body when it’s brought to life by beautiful things. Anyone who has felt this knows it’s rare (despite the numerous relationship statuses, filtered faces and naïve declarations spread across the internet) this feeling is pure, it is true; and it’s the only thing I’ll settle for.

People think I’m a cynic and that I need to broaden my horizons. But how can they expect a powerful emotion to be elicited from nothing? Weakness can’t be the foundation of power, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Truth is, I think people are lazy and want the end result but to cut out the middle man. They want to have a perfect body, but would rather pop a slimming pill than cut the cake and exercise. They want to get through college with good grades, but don’t want to do the coursework or the lessons. They all want to be in a relationship, but have no patience for a connection to flourish.

We’re in a society driven by greed and haste, where everything is handed to us with an instant result promised or gratification given with little effort. But does that end result really feel the same when you’ve cheated your way to the top? In my opinion, how can it? How can you know an emotion’s true intensity without learning life’s journey leading up to it?

I may be on my own here, or in a minority, but I would rather have patience as my virtue and feel that true rush of excitement by something perfectly created. When you feel a smile form on your face because you are proud your efforts have got you to the right place. This isn’t luck, this isn’t a fluke, this is you and wow isn’t it amazing?

Contrary to public opinion, I’m not heartless. I’m patient. My heart is strong, because I know what I’m waiting for.

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