Do Something Good!

Do something good.


Why? No one does anything good for me!


And two wrongs make a right, do they?


You aren’t doing good to receive it; you’re doing good because it is right. And hopefully, once that message spreads, other people will do the same. You never know, maybe someone will do something unexpectedly good for you too one day. Restore your faith, if you feel it is lost. But if you want to be happy, then you best start as you mean to go on.

Do something good, whether it is big or small. Do it not just because you can, do it even when it seems pretty hard. One change will make lots of bigger ones. I can’t say they happen instantly, or give you specific times, but things do change if you will them to.

Sometimes, the good thing to do is just to give someone a smile. The power of a smile holds more treasures than you know. The person you smile at, or say “Hello” to may be feeling so low, that they’ve lost the strength to smile and they bow their head as they walk past, continuing on feeling down. You give them that smile, and you give them some strength. Then they feel like they can smile at someone else. They can pass on your goodness, and spread it to others to do the same.

So, message someone to show you’re thinking of them, smile at them to lift their spirits, help someone pick up something they’ve dropped, even if they’re about to do it themselves. Do it because it’s nice to spread goodness, feel goodness in your heart and love in the world around you.


You’ll be surprised how much things change if we all put this into practice.


Show people you care.


Do something good.

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