Love and Hate.

Do you ever sit back and wonder what really makes sense? Why do you love and hate? And how can they sometimes seem to occur at the same time? Although, I’m not entirely sure that they can be of equal measure. Maybe you can have a passion, but be frustrated. But you cannot love and hate the same thing, or person? So many people seem to manage it though. I just can’t get my head around it.

For me, a relationship with man or matter is one that begins like a clean slate. There is an absence of emotion towards it until you find out what it’s all about. From there, you find things you like, that increase your fondness for it. Also, you may find things you dislike. Once you find things you dislike, depending on the abundance, it alters your liking to a degree. One usually outweighs the other. Two extreme feelings cannot be the same as they were before the appearance of another.

I guess, a relationship is like a blank canvas. Primed for a beautiful painting. The dream is to create something incredible, and the potential is great. But, a splodge here and there thanks to a dodgy paintbrush or mistakes start to change the expected outcome.

So, do you love it the same as when it was just a dream? Were you really in love in the first place? Or, was it an unrealistic thought? Alternatively, you did love it truly and now it just isn’t the same. Can you get that primary love back? Or, is the new found disliking of parts of the picture too overwhelming?

I guess it is a journey only you can decide upon which route you’ll take.

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