Modern Music is Mental

Today I’m feeling pumped. I have had my morning protein shake, alongside a heap of nuts and porridge. I’m clean, smell good. Make-up’s on…now looking better than when I exited the metaphorical arms of my mattress this morning. I’m raring to go. Now, all I need to complete this energised feeling is some good music to jive to. I know! I’ll turn on the radio!

…What is this tosh?

This era seems to have progressed from the unidentifiable words spouted in certain garage music and moved onto chipmunkifying everything. AKA, making all vocals sound like a chipmunk is singing.

I was recently introduced to the new rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Ma Cherie Amour”, now by Philip George who has renamed the 1960’s classic, “Wish You Were Mine”. This squeaky, nasally, fake and fingernails-on-blackboard sound is beyond irritating. How can this modern music be popular?

This is not the only notifiable song I have found to be of recent annoyance. Although I enjoy that music is progressing and radio stations are more open to playing a variety of genres, I have to admit that some “out there” music is beyond comprehension for me. Such as these ridiculous electronic, auto-tuned DJ robots throwing a clash of mixed up repetitive nonsense sounds into my shell-like.  Only someone with a memory like a goldfish could enjoy 3 minutes worth of music with the same 4 lines being repeated.

I shan’t rant for long, because then I’d be going against the grain, and no one wants to read a repetitive rant. BUT, one day, I would like to revive the days where I could once again turn on the radio, rejoice and say “Oh my word, I love this song!” to something that doesn’t sound stupid.

Bring back real music!

Until then though, I still have my iPod.

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