Unleash the Mothballs!

Sometimes, I feel rather rebellious. With this rebellion, it is often my purse that is left quaking in fear. It cries, “Sacha! Please! Do not disturb the mothballs that lie within me!”

I am sorry, purse. We are going shopping.

One of the luxuries of being a woman under stress is that retail therapy is usually a successful solution. The smell of blue-cross sales, the allure of loyalty card discounts and knowing that the pair of killer heels in Kurt Geiger is only around the corner from me is enough for me to drop the angel on my right shoulder in the nearest dustbin.

Living in West Sussex means that I am wonderfully close to Brighton and all its glorious stores. So, thankfully, I am able to indulge rather frequently and easily in some of my favourite places. In fact, it is almost rather hilarious that because Churchill Square’s appeal beckons me so much, many of the ladies at the Debenhams beauty counters now know me on first name terms.

But, why would anyone rather be anti-social and shop online than come and visit the atmospheric and charming world of Brighton shopping? It is such a unique experience one can never tire of. Whether you’re a lady on the lookout for some fine jewellery, a vintage-rocker on the hunt for grunge-chic gear or just out with friends and want to sacrifice the waistline for the irresistible munch of a Millie’s cookie – Brighton will suit you down to the ground.

For every individual out there, there is a Brighton store calling your name. The stores are not only massive, but there’s a cornucopia of them. Brighton is London-by-the-sea, and certainly is an epic place to be.

Whilst I have Churchill Square for my beauty and music fixes, and the Brighton lanes to introduce me to the incomparable shopping world filled with versatile clothing, food and beyond, I will be there. If I could pitch a tent in front of H&M and nosh on pasta from the nearby Italian food stall and not get dodgy looks, I would longingly await the opening of my favourite place just so I could dreamily browse it every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Terrify that purse of yours and treat yourself! You might want to be fast though, because I’m a lady on a mission for shoes, and Brighton is calling my name…


Published in The Argus, 2014


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