3 Indulgent Teas That Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Adios, chocolate boxes and extortionate flowers! You’re so last year. Everybody knows that tea is the new cool gift in town! But whilst a posh afternoon of scones and Earl Grey at a nice hotel is still off the cards, nothing is stopping you from treating your loved one, your friend, family (or yourself) to a wonderful day of sumptuous sips!

And what gifts are better to give on Valentine’s Day than those made with love? These artisan treats are handcrafted in each and every way. You will never find another infusion in the world like them! Not only are they 100% botanical, made using only natural and organic superfood ingredients, they are also specially curated to improve the skin, too! Every eco-friendly pack of loose-leaf tea has also been exclusively designed to emanate this chic, yet sustainable, value. Ensuring that doing good and tasting good go hand-in-hand.

Although there are over 20 of these delicious flavours to choose from the SaChasi website, here are 3 favourites chosen especially for Valentine’s Day gifting.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake
A luxurious black tea, made with a super nutritious combination of carob & cacao

“Straight from the patisserie! Crimson crumb sprinkles decorate a buttercream frosting, placed atop a rubied chocolate sponge. This iconic treat has been reborn as a nourishing Ceylon black tea. Share with the one you love, or simply enjoy as a special treat to yourself – absolutely guilt-free!”

Sound good? See the full info of this delightful blend by clicking here

Super Berry Brownies

Super Berry Brownies
A warming fruity green tea, infused with the mighty adaptogenic Schisandra berry

“Bite into a soft chocolate sponge with a fruit-filled gooey centre and succumb to a taste experience like never before. These famous fudgy squares have been recaptured as a refreshing green tea, bursting with wild berries and blended with decadent swirls of cacao.”

Sound good? See the full info of this delightful blend by clicking here

Raspberry Rose Friands

Raspberry Rose Friands
A marzipan-esque black tea, blended with skin-supporting rosehip powder

“Inspired by the French creation, these bitesize nutty cakes are filled with fresh raspberries, a delicate floral syrup and a scattering of flaked almonds. Take a break with this reimagined tiny treat and infuse yourself a daydream of Paris with every sip.”

Sound good? See the full info of this delightful blend by clicking here

Feeling the love? Then head over to @sachasiblends on Facebook and Instagram and get involved for exclusive discounts and offers!

However you spend V-Day this year, celebrate it with a smile on your face (and a cuppa in hand)

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