10 Admirable Qualities of an Introvert

Being happy in your own company is usually considered weird, right? Because let’s face it, if you tell somebody you’re going somewhere on your own, they don’t half look at you with pity.

What? Won’t anyone go with you?”

“Awh no! You can’t go alone!”

“Wait…you’re going alone?!”

You’ve probably heard those phrases (and many other similar ones) from your more extroverted peers a million times over. And, in return, you’ve probably stared at them back like they were just as weird for thinking that going alone is such a big deal.

“Err, yeah. I want to go by myself.”


“You want to?”

As crazy as it might sound to others, you’re not saying it to conceal a sense of denial. And, despite the fact that others probably still won’t believe you, that’s only because people who don’t like spending time alone can’t understand why you do. But why is that so bad?

Here’s the thing…

It’s not.

Others may not get you, but don’t worry! You’re totally normal. In fact, you’re actually pretty special. So special that you should shout it from the rooftops! However, that’s a bit of safety hazard. So instead, I’d suggest simply sharing these 10 amazingly admirable qualities belonging to those of an introverted nature with your nearest and dearest. At least that way they’ll finally understand the liberation you feel in your own skin (without the fear of you skidding down the side of the house like Tony Hawk on a skateboard…)

  1. They’re Self-Assured – People who enjoy their own company are surprisingly rather confident in their identity. Sure, they may not seem overly excited about being the star of the show or the centre of attention at a party, but when it comes to knowing who they are, they’ll take centre stage. If something goes down and someone tries to make them feel small, trust me, it’ll backfire. An introvert knows who they are. They’ve spent a lot of time getting to know themselves. So if you’re going to attack their character on an unprecedented level, think again. They’ll cut you loose before you can even fire the first shot. See the source image
  2. They Have a Strong Moral Compass – Getting to know yourself and deeply analysing situations encountered throughout your life means that you’ll be pretty savvy in your perspectives. A fellow introvert knows their beliefs down to a tee and has taken a lot of time to work out why their stand is from that angle. Over time, they’ve assessed what works and what doesn’t and now find making moral decisions rather black and white. Although they are also aware of grey areas depending on context, they are also wise enough to be able to see when these come into play. Because of this, they make pretty good agony aunts, too! See the source image
  3. They’re Open-Minded – Sticking to your guns is something an introverted character will definitely do. They know what is right for them. They’ve experienced a plethora of unique situations many times now and so can categorise things into tidy little files. But they also know some things are subjective and thus, are also prepared to learn things from new angles. Opinionated they may be, but trust me when I say that if there’s more than one side to a story, they’ll want to hear it out. And even if they still don’t necessarily agree, they’ll respectfully listen and will determinedly try to understand what brought you to your conclusion.
  4. They Know Their Flaws – People who enjoy their own company ultimately become comfortable enough in their own skin to know that they’re not perfect. Due to the fact that they’ve got to know themselves inside out and have also dissected situations from the past that involved multiple dispositions and contrasting views, they become pretty aware that everyone is different. They know that everyone’s opinion differs and that you can’t please all the people all the time. They know they’re headstrong sometimes, they know that they may not be the sexiest thing alive, they also may know that they’re a bit picky, too. And yet, they’ll still be able to smile about it. At the end of the day, they are who they are. And no one is perfect. See the source image
  5. They Have a Developed Thought Process – Thinking so deeply is both a gift and a curse, but when times are tough, the introvert will be glad they have developed this ability! Using these cognitive skills aids everything previously discussed. It’s what provides their sense of security, self-confidence, awareness and moral stand. Taking the time to enjoy your own company may take a while, but damn it’s handy.
  6. They’re Good Judges of Character – They’ve seen it all, watching from the peanut gallery of life’s stadium, an introverted character will have a thorough understanding of other people’s good and bad qualities, and how well they stack up. AKA, by knowing how to assess people’s individual traits, they can expertly work out their motives, how genuine they are and their substance. They’ll be able to decipher what people are after and what they mean. They won’t waste time on people that are showing signs of selfishness, anger or paranoia. Life is too short for that. Of course, they will still give the benefit of the doubt too, but only until all avenues have been explored. Once that moment hits, they’ll know where to place a person, and trust me, that doesn’t take an introvert too long to work out!See the source image
  7. They Prefer Intellectual Company – It goes without saying that because these types of people know their own minds so well and hate to waste time with drivel. Stimulating conversations are something that drives them. Nonsense chat is a waste of time. If it doesn’t seem interesting, positive or remotely helpful, then why are they going to waste their time listening to it? Thus, they prefer to engage in chats with people they consider smart, funny and inspiring. If you don’t seem to interest the introvert, then it’s probably because you’re not speaking their language!
  8.  They Value Time – Time is precious – it can’t be earned back. Introverts know this of old and thus won’t waste time on situations or people they’ve already assessed as pointless. This goes back to the many other special characteristics they’ve invested time in developing over the years. Mastering those traits takes a hell of a lot of energy, so if something threatens to drain that source of energy, then no doubt it’ll have to go. Therefore, if you’re welcomed into the bosom of an introvert’s company, know that you must be pretty special to them. See the source image
  9. They’re Loyal and Honest – Because they value time and the people they spend it with, they will ultimately prove an undeniable rock in your life. Yes, they sometimes may be away with the fairies, succumbing to the deep and crazy thoughts that float through their minds, but if you need them, they’re there. And they always will be – emotionally and physically. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They remember important things and will support you when you need it the most. So forgive them for being quiet sometimes and not glued to their phone’s 24/7, because they really do love you. And absence on social media is a small price to pay for a faithful and solid friend.
  10. But Most of All – They’re Independent!! – All of the above are totally admirable and amazing qualities to have in any individual, and of course, they can be obtained introverted or not. However, the main and quintessential benefit of the somewhat “reclusive” character-type is that they are wholly and impressively independent. If they want to do something, then the company of others (or lack thereof) will not stop them from achieving their goals. They’re not driven by the acceptance of others. They feel no need to follow a crowd or cave into peer pressure. Instead, they do what they need to do for themselves, by themselves, and will wholeheartedly follow their aspirations. Nothing can stand in the way of an introvert. And if walking this world alone is what they have to do to achieve their dreams, then that’s exactly what they’ll do. See the source image

More often than not, the introverted character doesn’t get given the best of reputations. They’re seen as shy and unsociable creatures who’d rather keep themselves to themselves. And, whilst that notion may be partially true, as much as they enjoy their own company, the introvert is actually a really interesting individual. In a world filled with false friendships and empty promises, having a dedicated and honest friend is hard to come by. Know that the person you call an introvert is that friend. No wonder they like their own company so much!

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