If You Ever Need to Remember…

If you ever want to bring our memories back to life, if you ever want to know what I was thinking or how I felt, if you ever need to remember us, this is for you.

With the recent events in Paris, it shows you how quickly lives can change. I always want those who mean the most to me to know that if anything ever happens, you’ll always have this to look back on. I do not want to pass on to the next world with the regret that I didn’t share how much I appreciate you all. Know that even if your name isn’t mentioned here, our friendship is forever etched in my heart and I love you all the same.

Dear Ellen,

Condensing 12, nearly 13 years worth of memories into a blog is impossible! But I want to pick out a few things that makes our friendship so solid. Firstly, when we first met. You were so ickle! Hence the title “Little Tha” which will live on until we’re old dears clanking our zimmer frames together. You were a fun girl, and was so surprised you chose me to make friends with. As you remember, I was poorly at the time and was a slightly isolated thing. But having you brought me out of my shell. You gave me confidence and happiness. You stopped me from being lonely, which could have been how my teen years panned out. Without you by my side, I wouldn’t have the strength I have today. I’ll always laugh at stupid things like when we used to sing to Britney with the fans on, so our hair was blowing like in the music videos. Or, recording our own Most Haunted vids, because my old house was obviously haunted. Playing Bratz “I’ve got a headaaaache!”. Chugging in Kent “It’s gone in my eye!” to modern day squeaks of “Wotudoiiiin?” We’ll always have a laugh. Remember you are my best friend, and I am grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You are a beautiful person. Thank you, tha.

To my wonderful mum, Loretta,

This is even tougher, condensing my whole life into a paragraph! Not sure that’s doable. But mum, you have always been there for me, even though life for us both has been pretty turbulent. No matter how hard it’s been, we have always supported each other and managed to bring laughter even in times of hardship. You’ll undoubtedly always make me smile. With your funny voices “Vingooo!” or always saying “Hello everyvoddy” at the beginning of your recordings. And those hilarious dances we do in sync, or even when we randomly drag our legs when we walk. Who knows why we do these things? Well, we know it’s because we make a great mum and daughter duo. This is us. You are an awesome mum and friend. And I’m so glad you’ve found health and happiness after years of struggles. You deserve it. Don’t ever change. My lovely mum.

I am sure you can all remember a lot of our shared memories, and I hope they make you smile as much as they do me. Thank you for enriching my life from the day I met you, right through all the bits in between. Here’s to the rest of our lives.


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