A Curveball Christmas Message πŸ’Œ

As hard as it is to believe, if you’ve spent the festive period on your phone, trawling through Facebook, thinking, “Why is my life not as good as everyone else’s?” it’s important that you realise YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Society pressurises us into thinking that, once we hit a certain age, milestones have to be met with hallmark successes – success in love, success in career, success in homeownership – but life doesn’t always make it that easy. So what happens, come December, when we feel like we have to brush all of those unachieved goals under the metaphorical tree skirt and pretend they’re not there?

Unexpected events happen that stymie our journeys, and as much as we can perfectly plan our aspirations, we can’t always control the way they pan out. We all know this truth and don’t judge others for it, but still, no one feels brave enough to admit that they’ve fallen victim to it. Instead, they remain tight-lipped about feeling unfulfilled and put out a distorted version of their truth, hoping it’ll fit in with the “positive vibe” deemed acceptable to portray. Feeling unfulfilled may not be as shiny or as exciting as a stack of presents or a table full of smiley people pulling crackers, but it’s real and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that reality.

We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that our lives aren’t picture-perfect. No day of the year should feel like that, especially not in December. Maybe it won’t get as many likes or comments, but perhaps if more of us admitted it, less of us would feel so lonely? And surely that’s more important?

This is why I reached out to so many people on Christmas day and will continue to speak to more throughout the festive period. Because even if you are on your own this Christmas, or you haven’t got a lot of money in the bank to buy presents, or have a romantic partner to share it all with, you should NEVER be ashamed of your life story. You’re all inspiring, clever, funny and kind people who deserve to know that the world notices you and cares about what you have contributed.

Life loves throwing its curveballs and always will do, but that doesn’t mean we should hide away or switch the narrative when it does. We should stick together, be honest and open and have each other’s backs.

I didn’t celebrate Christmas with presents this year, but if even a few people who’ve read this decide to change the way they view themselves or their lives for the better, well, then that really would be a gift 🎁

To all of you, from me – Merry Christmas x

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