Today is Your Day

We live each day based on routine
Sleep, eat, work, repeat.
Our eyes wide open, but we don’t take in what we’ve seen
We’re blind to the beauty around us
Because there’s no time to look at where we’ve been.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, “What lies beyond the grind?”
Whether there’s a world on the other side of that 9-5,
With a million new experiences to find?

There’s a purity in the air and a gloss to the views
Picture-perfect memories for all of us to choose
So, why do we say we’re okay? This is how it has to be.
How can you be happy when you aren’t setting yourself free?

You are only young once, that’s a matter of fact.

And time isn’t like money – you can’t earn it back.

Yet, it’s only in reflection you realise what you should have done.
A youth spent on booze and parties
Wealth wasted on hurried fun.
Your health abused until the point you had none.

But now you yearn for the freedom to explore
To travel, to learn, to soar!

Realise that true living is one that exhilarates your soul
It lasts a lifetime in your heart.
And unlike fast fixes, it’s more than a momentary goal.

So find the glory that is life and step outside
No room for hesitation, no need to hide

It’s not too late, time is still on your side.

Today is your day, so use it as the map to your future’s guide.


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