Another Place in Time

Clara’s love life has always been complicated, but ever since she met keen psychologist, Henry Baker, everything sort of fell into place. But Clara’s world is also bound by many different things. With her little job at the Yorkshire tea rooms taking her by day, then preparing for the biggest musical event of the year with her local jazz club by night, having to balance a romantic life on top is proving tough, especially when she has to keep it all a secret from Henry. 

But that is the risk you take when you fall in love with a man from another world, or in Clara’s case, another place in time…

October 16th, 2017

How do you carry on when you lose the love of your life? When the one person who truly understood every inch of you, and you of them, has gone.

My solemn reflection stared back at me, eyes sunken with the weight of the memories they carried, drenched in the waters from their passionate tidal waves.

I adjusted the ruby-coloured corsage on the lapel of my black blazer, it was threatening to pierce an unsightly hole into the silken fabric. But it had to be worn out of respect; even though I was already a hundred years too late to bid the deserved goodbye.

“Why didn’t you listen to me?” I said, and I bowed my head down slowly, as if the burning thought could be washed away if directed to exit my tear-filled eyes.  If only thoughts could be removed as easily as dice when they roll from the hand.

But as much as today pained me, I’d always remember our story with a smile. For our precious time together didn’t just change my life, it changed the world, the future, the present and of course, the past…


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