Top Five Hybrid Supercars of the Modern Age

I fiercely gripped the wheel, my palms were instantly soaked with fearful sweat as my fingers clasped tightly around its directing helm.

  The tyres screeched beneath me as they soared around the cliff edge, a rapid dart between brake and acceleration twisting my course away from its perilous abyss.  

  My speeding heartbeat lay pumping hard in the back of my throat, as I held my breath in the adrenaline of the death-defying drive.

  But this is what I was built for, a wanton desire for the reckless, a taste for its dicey glory. I was not fearless, but I was hungry. The race was mine to win.

  Encased in the powerful red chassis that shielded my impelling body, I went full throttle. Pulled back by the g-force, I felt its crushing velocity as it charged to the sand-gritted finishing line, showering the rock face with its triumphant dust.

Oh what rapture, what magnificence! An emotion that can only be felt when you have surpassed any expectation of yourself or others. What better way to suckle on such success, than behind the wheel of something mighty?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that you go and steal your Dad’s Mustang and re-enact my above story. HOWEVER, what I can’t deny is the utter elation that can be experienced when drifting something as immense as an insanely built fusion supercar.

Before your mind casts to visions of a Ferrari slipping off its silken dress to unveil the undergarments of a slovenly Toyota Prius, allow yourself to hold on a little longer. Because when it’s stripped bare, you’ll be so glad that you waited.

With the mechanism’s soul burning for turbo-charged vigour, it daringly stampedes the ground underneath its valiant tread. The engine’s spirit bites like a Viper, soars like a Falcon and thunders like a roaring sky, but it is also a thing of beauty. With a decadent shell as sleek as skin, yet as tough as steel, its outer body’s curve an endless stretch of aerodynamic grandeur, each smooth ripple elegantly offering the wind a gliding launch.

These are machines that defy the every day, spinning the middle finger to its standard expectation. There is nothing ordinary about where it can take you or how it makes you feel.

So fasten your seat-belts and prepare for the ride of your life, as we crusade through some of the New-Age’s finest offerings of furiously fast Hybrid Supercars.

  1. BMW i8 – A stellar concept of the modern day, the i8’s performance blows away the competition in bull-like speed, with a 0-60mph reached in a staggering 4.4 seconds. For a mere three-cylinder engine, that’s pretty insane.

Its combined hybrid system also generates 420lb ft of torque. So, as well as the 356 horses that haul the i8 to mighty speeds, this system enables the car to actually feel a bit quicker than its already generous stats indicate.

As if this car didn’t already have enough to offer with its power and force, it also operates on a 4WD capacity. With the electric motor driving the front axle, while the petrol drives the rear, this balance means that there is no compromise on power, no matter what the weather or drive.


2. McLaren P1“Designed, engineered and built to be the best driver’s car in the world.” boasts the McLaren website, and who could blame them for such an effusive declaration? Paying homage to the Mclaren F1’s, the P1 is more than a thing of racing beauty. During its times of testing, the P1 was taken to the Arctic Circle, to put its battery through the toughest of paces. To watch its unimaginable ice-guided propel, click here.

Nearly four years ago, the Mclaren P1 was the world’s first ever supercar hybrid, and there’s simply nothing that can quite compare to its monstrous fury, poised with supreme elegance. It reaches 62mph in the blink of an eye, at just 2.8 seconds, with a limited top speed of an already almighty 217mph! This is more than just a car, this is Heaven encapsulated as the ultimate machine.


3. Lamborghini Asterion – Released to the world in 2014, the Asterion is Lamborghini’s first concept hybrid car, made purely of lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre for the most rapid of rides. Like the i8, it also boasts a powerful all-wheel-drive system. But uniquely to Lambo, it thumps out a colossal 907bhp! This means that the decadent hybrid will thus reach 62mph in just over three seconds; about as fast as you can say its title.

All hail the Asterion!


4. Ferrari LaFerrari – Extremely ambitious, a technological breakthrough, the finest craftsmanship combining both F1 and GT engineering, the LaFerrari is not just another stunningly fast car, it is a vision of the future.

With a fierce V12 engine lurking within its core, Ferrari’s outstanding hybrid doesn’t just sound incredible, but it’s also scarily quick. Taking less than 7 seconds to reach a whopping 200kmh and only 2.6 seconds to 60mph, this car will leave you awestruck.

Want to hear it roar? Listen here


5. Honda NSX – The pinnacle of sports performance, connecting good looks and shaking hands with an economical future, all rolled in one rather spectacular motor vehicle. Japan’s debut re-launches the classic NSX, which has been nipped and tucked to hybrid perfection, and doesn’t it look fantastic?

Unlike the i8, Honda aimed to discretely assimilate the effect of the car’s electric motors into its automotive repertoire, meaning its powertrain is far more similar to that of driving a petrol supercar rather than anything that requires plugging in. The NSX may be the newest introduction to the hybrid supercar field, but with a classic motive history since 1963, Honda knew that not all electric cars needed futuristic modification to be of stupendous character.

It may not be the fastest of the fusion family, but its real magic lies within its torque. Whilst its V6 pushes out a still very respectable 493bhp, making its jolt to 60mph reachable in a mere 3.3 seconds, the addition of NSX’s combined design output of 476lb ft offers something very special. The more you connect with it, the more propulsion you’ll get. AKA: hit that throttle hard for an unforgettable ride!


So, what are you doing still reading this when you could be riding one of those? Go on, ditch the dull driving and embrace a new world of automotive passion. This is the future, after all, and you know what they say about the future, don’t you?

th Therefore, the moral of the story is…feel driven to enrich your approach to cars. Because your motor fused destination is out there, and the only way to follow that road, is in style…

7 thoughts on “Top Five Hybrid Supercars of the Modern Age

  1. abugsbunny says:

    P1 is my favorite car out out of anything out right now. Well It would be the P1 LM, im gonna do a post on it hopefully tonight or tomorrow just started this blog. Also I dont mean to talk shit on your post but how are you gonna put the i8 as one of the best hybrids right now and then not even put down the Porsche 918 when the 918 is the fastest production hybrid out right now. It absolutly destroys anything on the track and at the same time is very comfortable daily. Im sorry the i8 is just a very basic super car if it can even be called that. I mean come on since theres no noise and cant hear any engine noise it plays an engine noise through the speakers of the car, in my opinoin thats just tacky and the interior everything seems very cheap ive only been the passenger in it but ive driven the 918 and the 918 blows everything out of the water. Either way though awesome post, love the topic.

    • Princessbana28 says:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 I did contemplate doing the Porsche, but for me I just wanted to investigate the hybrid from a slightly different angle. The i8 was an impressive start from BMW, so as much as it may not be the best out there performance-wise, I felt it deserved recognition for what it did bring to the market.
      I look forward to reading your post about the P1!

    • Sacha K says:

      Amazing choice, Alan! Very female question coming here, but, what colour are you going to go for? Also, will you be going for the classic style, or the new 2018 version? And thank you 🙂 I hope you enjoy your i8 when you get it!

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