Portfolio of Well-Being

“Think positively. Exercise Daily. Eat Healthily. Work Hard. Stay Strong. Worry less. Dance more. Love often. Be happy.”



A healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Agreed? Starting from the inside out, here are some of the best ways I’ve discovered to nourish everything from your spirit to your skin. Behind each title is an oceanic piece, so what are you waiting for? Dive right in! See the source image

Inspired Thoughts

Do Good. Feel Good.

Change Your Perspective

Happiness is Our Truth

What is Love?

Discover Yourself

Find Your Hero

A Question of Patience (Chapter 1)

Little Me (Chapter 2)

As One Door Closes…(Chapter 3)

FART For Your Rights! Self-Assurance Guide

Release Your Inner-Child

thYou Are What You Think

It’s Good to be Weird

Don’t Live with Regret

Embrace Singledom

Stress Awareness

How to Spot the Black Dog

Show Them You Care

Friends, not Phones!

It’s Cool to be a Nerd



Travel Saved My Life

New Year’s Resolution

The Single Female Traveller Chronicles

10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

12 Things to do in Dubai

An Italian Escapade

Food and Fitness

Insanity Workout 

Health and ‘Brit’ness

Weight a Minute

How to Lose a Thigh in 10 Days


Healthy Granola Batch

Triple C Granola 001

Meet the Wonder-Carb

My Week as a Vegan

allplants Review

Tea Corner

green tea pic

Skin-Loving Tea Elixirs

Green Tea Health Benefits

Your Green Tea Type

Best Chocolate Teas on a Budget

15 Chocolate Teas that Taste Like Pudding!

Tastiest Christmas Teas

Skin  Care

Holiday Skin Care Tips


Top Tanners

Plastic Surgery Through the Ages

Look Younger for Longer

Hair Care

FUE Transplants

Volumising Inserts

How to Grow Out the Pixie Crop

Crazy Hair Facts You Never Knew

The Curious Case of the Pillowcase

Top Products

Three essential oils SLS and Paraben-free Shampoos

Best Foods for Healthy Hair

Natural Ways to Treat your Hair

Heat Defence Sprays and Why You Need Them

The Magic of Henna Avocado-Face-Mask-2_1

Top 3 Oils for Healthy Hair

Conditioner and When to Use it

Stylists and Styles


Marvin Francis

100 Years of Hair Trends