Buy Picture-Perfect Here ♥

The inspired debut romantic fiction book, “Picture-Perfect” has finally arrived!!

Celebratory dancing may commence…now! 

See the source image Scroll down! Scroll down! ⇓↓⇓↓♥

After so much time spent on this story, I’m really starting to miss it! For so long, I wanted it to just be finished and out there, but now it is, all I want to do is go back, slow things down a bit and revisit all of my favourite parts. I feel like all the characters are my friends now, and that the experiences they shared were something that actually happened. And I guess, in one reality or another, they did…*removes tear*

But anyway, before I get too sentimental, we’re here to remember this as a happy occasion! And what better way to celebrate the release of your first book than with a super-pretty flyer featuring some super-pretty reviews? 

Flyers for PP

The most amazing thing is that I didn’t even have to pay them to say that – they all came from the heart! But if you’re a wise old owl and would rather see what the hype is all about before you go pulling the purse-strings, then read the first 5 chapters and judge for yourself. Or, alternatively, discover a little more about the story via its trailer on YouTube. YOUTUBE.png

But if you’re shaking your money eagerly at the screen already, then hold fire!

First, head to Facebook (@PicturePerfectNovel ), follow the hype and grab a cheeky discount code. Second, make yourself a cuppa (Benjamin would be so proud). And third…

…Oh, sorry! I started to boil the kettle. But if you’re sold, then head to the links below for all of your purchasing needs. 

Image result for BUY ME 

Find Picture-Perfect on eBook & paperback at the retailers listed below: and (Best for instant delivery worldwide)

Barnes and Noble

BookBaby BookShop (Best for discount codes) 


Also available – or soon to be available – on iBooks, Kobo, Baker and Taylor, Copia, Gardners, eSentral, Scribd, Ciando and Vearsa

And because I can’t say it to everybody but wish I could – thank you! Your support means the world to me! I really hope that the story is something you not only enjoy reading, but also motivates you to always hold onto your life’s passions. Because it is those little passions that will help find your ultimate purpose. 

Image result for BUY ME I'LL MAKE YOU HAOOY

Preach to that! Happy reading, everyone 🙂 

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