Kindle Surprise! A Cosmic Chance is Now an eBook 📚

Happy New Year, one and all! How is everyone’s hangover today? …That bad, huh? Well, since you’re going to need to nurse it off with a day of rest, why not pick up my latest book and read it in bed on your Kindle?


Love is the last thing on cynical rock chick, Simone Hartley’s, mind. She’s too busy ticking off her bucket list to care about finding a “nice guy”. Adding to her frustrations is her chaotic family, who always places her in the middle of their dramas and constantly reminds her to settle down. But Simone digs her heels in – point-blank refusing to look for love until she’s done achieving her goals.


In the beginning, this was easy. Nobody who approached her was even remotely tempting, and she was happy enough to live out the daydream of a perfect partner within the unfinished pages of her notebook. But all of that was about to be challenged. When a psychic reading foretells fateful catalysts in her destiny – one of a fortuitous meeting and the other of an inescapable tragedy.


Life isn’t random. Her future is set. But with this knowledge now in Simone’s hands, will she be able to realign what fate has seemingly written in her stars? Only time will tell…

If this sounds like your kind of story, you can read a sample for free or dive in the deep end and spend £1.99 on the whole thing – BARGAIN!

Click here to see both paperback and eBook options 🙂

Seeing that so many people out there from all walks of life find these ramblings of mine helpful (or just entertaining) is truly heartwarming 💙 Thank you for your support and for being a part of the blog. I wish each and every one of you a very fulfilling and prosperous 2022 ✨

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