Swansong of the Nation

Society has been brought to its knees.

We are a combination of concerned, confused and content.

Fear instilled in the hearts of the ones who see current power as something that will only seek to destroy.

Blind are those who do not care to fathom how the political status quo affects our lives.

Strength is witnessed in the plethora that is for the majority vote; the ones whose right winged beliefs clasp an unstoppable reign.


We are beholden to empty promises to sweeten the taste of the putrid sanctions.

Buttering up the impoverished to conceal the actions that will only serve to ruin.

The power is with the affluent, the strength is with the majority and the heart of the nation struggles to pump for life.


What do we need to function? Not to maintain, but to advance?

Do we clutch onto what we have knowing it is responsible for the great divide?

Or, do we elect a power cursed with a psychedelic history?


The iron fists of war punch their way through papers.

The trepidation of society grows despite the fallacy.

Threats from conspiracy theorists and foolhardy beliefs spread like disease-but although not true, could it become a reality?


What serves as intrinsic truth is the desire for unity and equality.

But are we already spoiled by the monkeys pulling the chains that the organ grinder no longer knows what it’s signing away?

Do we know what we’re fighting for?

The case of need and want will forever hunt to discover the line.


Vote because you understand. Vote because you believe. Vote because you can change the world.


  1. People who are eligible to vote and do not vote insult those who died for the right to vote. But vote with a knowledge of the issues, a preparedness to listen to the arguments, and a willingness to change your mind when presented with a better argument. It’s worth the effort, and it’s a salute to the heroes of the past.

    • Yes, Jon! Fantastically put. I know not everyone is a fan of political affairs, but it is, as you so rightly put, part of our history, and will build the foundations of our future. We must embrace and learn from it, and together we can help create a stronger nation.

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