The Battle of Love

Those blue eyes that shimmered like sapphire

The golden heart that radiated warmth

The loving hands that I’ll forever desire

I miss it all so much.


A time when those eyes were unbiased,

They looked at me with purity and adoration.

A time when that heart felt I was sacred,

And the love it held had no contemplation.

Those soft fingers intertwined with mine,

They still feel the same.

I hate to let them go.


I never wanted this to stop,

And I would wait forever for you.


I tried so hard to unblur the words that had been said of me

The thoughts that had been planted in your mind

But the more I fought to recapture our love, the more I lost

So now I’m being cruel to be kind

To help you know the path you must find.


If I could make it all disappear, I would.

If you wanted my heart, you could.


But I can’t have what we once shared

A time when life was solid and everyone cared.

The hurt is too much

The change is too hard

What I need is the same, but what you need is not.

I hope there is a chance for us, that this isn’t the last goodbye

Because the thought of never seeing the man I love

Leaves me with a thousand tears to cry.

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