Music Gives the Soul a Voice

I think this occasion calls for a drink!

A herbal tea, of course, courtesy of my Mum’s new Tassimo machine, which I have become slightly in awe of.

They do a range of flavours, don’tchaknow? (Including a rather tempting “moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips” Oreo drink)

However, I did not intend on writing a blog by advertising a coffee machine (other brands are available, but may, or may not be as seductive to the taste buds)

Instead, I came here to explain why I even wanted to celebrate with a tea in the first place, and that my friends, is for the love of music.

Now, I may have previously set out to whinge about some tunes on the ol’ airwaves, and I think I’m within my rights to. As someone who is passionate about music and how it ploughs its way deep into your very core, I want to know what is “popular” and then give it a personal yay or nay and why. Some things I have found to be popular listening are of abysmal quality. They lack flow, are repetitive, juvenile and can sometimes sound like the noises lodged in a psychopath’s brain.

However, all is not lost! I have found that I remain happy thanks to the availability of music magazines (such as Kerrang!), online reviews and music selling websites (such as iTunes) and other internet services like Spotify with their “If you like this artist then, oh my wow, you are going to go nuts for these too!” options, I can keep the smile on my face.

I am constantly learning of new bands and hearing new genres, sounds and collaborations etc. thanks to all of those. So, no longer do I have to flinch when I turn on the radio and think “I must be an oddball, because I can’t identify with any of this.” because if in doubt, I can get the iPod out.

So, sing it loud and sing it clear, “I love (good) music!” But please don’t repeat it too much, or mash it up with headache inducing noises, please!

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